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CILCA 360 - The Care Industry Leadership Capability Assessment Tool


CILCA 360 uses both self-assessment and feedback from others to identify current and desired capability across 5 key leadership domains.

Leading Self – Relationship with, understanding of, and care for self.

Leading Others – Ability to relate to, communicate with, and work effectively with others.

Leading Business – Management of business resources to achieve organisational goals.

Leading Purpose – Ability to articulate and promote the organisation’s sprit, purpose and strategic direction.

Leading Change – capacity to foster a working environment that encourages creative and holistic approaches.

It also measures capability within the relevant Care Standards;

Aged Care Quality Standards or National Disability Practice Standards – behaviours expected by the industry to provide quality of care that supports positive client and organisation outcomes. Choose from either the Aged Care Quality Standards or the National Disability Practice Standards Depending on your industry.

Along with your feedback on current strengths and 'gaps' you also receive a report detailing your Impact on Others.

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CILCA 360 is targeted and tailored to leaders and managers in or aspiring towards positions within three broad levels of leadership...

Level 1 Leaders: strategic & cultural responsibility for an entire organisation or division - CEOs, directors, senior managers and department heads.

Level 2 Leaders: responsible for overseeing multiple teams, or an entire service, function, site Facility Manager, Care Manager, Human Resources Manager.

Level 3 Leaders: or 'front line leaders' responsible for the activities of a team - Care Coordinators, Registered Nurses or Team Leaders.

...and allows for industry & organisational benchmarking of capabilities.

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About CILCA 360

How it works

Leaders participate by completing an online survey about themselves and nominating feedback providers to fill in feedback on their behalf.  Data is collected and processed and each individual is provided with a comprehensive report that outlines current strengths and biggest areas of opportunity or ‘gaps’ in capability. Because it compares the self view with that of others, it also helps identify potential blindspots in the participants’ capability as well as confirmed strengths.

Following the survey administration and reporting period, a CILCA 360 Accredited Practitioner will debrief the results to each leader in a confidential and supportive coaching session and start to identify the ‘view’ that lead to the behaviours identified.

By understanding the views that underpin our actions, we have the opportunity to change the results or outcomes.

CILCA 360 is administered completely online, with reports provided in either hard or electronic copy. Each participant also recieves a comprehensive Self Development Guide resource book to aid in their ongoing development.

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Benefits for your organisation

The CILCA 360 uses data to drive insights that will help your leaders thrive and achieve their potential. CILCA 360 will provide your organisation with;

  • Independent assessment of leadership capability
  • Ability to meet care quality standards around human resources and governance
  • Access to industry benchmarking database
  • A targeted approach and increased ROI in leadership development, through the use of Aggregate Data Reports
  • Ability to offer support for personal and professional development for participants

Supplementary Tools

We recommend the use of CILCA 360 in combination with CISCA.

Together they provide an integrated approach to supporting the growth of the individual leaders as well as the entire care team.

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CILCA 360 Testimonials

I had just pulled together a new team. By using CILCA 360 we were able to go through a shared journey about the strengths and opportunities of both the team and as individuals.

CILCA 360 allowed a much richer development discussion than is normally the case with traditional 360 type tools. They also provided an invaluable reference guide to target individual development needs.

The process was enlightening and educational on both a professional and personal level. Thank you.

Jamin Hirte
Head of Customer Operations, Chorus

CILCA 360 provided a unique opportunity to have a 360 review of our leadership capability and which also reflected the new Care Standards.

The value of the tool for the Executive Leadership Team and their profiles at RAAFA has enabled each individual to identify areas seen to be strengths and areas for improvement.

John Murray

The way we lead our people and behave at work is the single most important future success factor for both culture and business outcomes.

In our strategy it was a key priority area – to develop our divisions leaders and to
have a very clear vision of our leadership development framework and crystal clear plans around our leadership investment strategy.

I have been looking closely at an organisation that supports individuals specifically in our industry and at our levels to help us each develop individual targeted development plans that are based on organisational strategy
and our own leadership capability.

The reason I like CILCA though is that their questions are based on the national Aged Care Leadership Framework and the new quality standards. The outcome is a very clear graphic display of where your strengths as a leader are
and where there are areas you might want to focus on.

That report is confidential, there is a debrief meeting with an accredited professional to review your results confidentially with you.  From this, you develop you own plan which is the bit you share with your manager and that is what we work
on together. 

They have great resources which a self-directed to support executing the plan.

Divisional Manager
Residential Service & Operations, Baptcare

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